Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BM&DC)

The Regulatory Authority in Bangladesh

How it Works

The Council is a supreme body and takes all policy decisions, it meets at least twice in a year or as and when there are sufficient items for the agenda, which needs policy decisions. It acts through various Committees and office of the Registrar. The meetings of the Council are presided over by the President and in his absence by the Vice President.

The Council has an office headed by the Registrar. The Building of the Council is located at 203, Shaheed Syed Nazrul Islam Sarani, Dhaka-1000. The Registrar is the Chief Executive of the Council and is responsible for all official work including implementation of the decision of the Council. The Registrar office keeps a close liaison with the Ministry of Health, Universities, Medical Colleges and allied agencies for speedy implementation and execution of the decision of the Council. It also keeps a liaison with Council and licensing bodies in other countries to establish close contacts and develop mutual cooperation and understanding.


The Council has following Committees for carrying out various functions: –
Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee is responsible for administration, finance and other related matters and is composed of the President, Vice President, and five members of the Council.
Standing Recognition Committee:

The Standing Recognition Committee Consist of five Members headed by the Chairmen of the Committee. The Chairman & members of the Committee elected from among the Members of the Council. Function of the Standing Recognition Committee are:

1.. To Recommend prescribing a uniform minimum standard of courses of training for obtaining graduate and post-graduate medical and dental qualifications to be included or included respectively in the First. Third and Fifth Schedules.

2. To Recommend prescribing minimum requirements for the content and duration of courses of study as aforesaid.

3. To Recommend prescribing the conditions for admission to courses of training as aforesaid.

4. To Recommend prescribing minimum qualifications and experience required of teachers for appointment in medical and dental institutions.

5. To Recommend prescribing the standards of examinations, methods of conducting the examinations and other requirements to be satisfied for securing recognition of medical and dental qualifications under this Act.

6. To Recommend prescribing the qualifications and experience required of examiners for professional examinations in medicine and dentistry antecedent to the granting of recognised medical and dental qualifications.
Disciplinary Committee:

Consists of five members headed by the Chairman of the Committee. The Chairman & the members of the Committee are elected from the among the members of the Council. Conventionally the member of the Council/ Nominated by the Chief Justice is elected on of the members of the Committee. The Committee is responsible to initiate disciplinary action against doctors as and when a complaint is received for professional negligence or misconduct. The Professional experts assist the Legal Member. The complainants and doctors are given full opportunity to present their cases either personally or through lawyer.